Day Two Stream A | September 29th 

A focus on exploration and production in North Africa

Chairman’s Opening Remarks

Keynote Address: Update from NOC Libya

  • Recent discoveries in Libya
  • Security situation in the country and necessary steps in order to resolve these issues
  • Training and local content initiatives to overcome the widespread problems
  • How can Libya boost confidence from international buyers and encourage them to re-invest in the country?

CASE STUDY of an NOC : A North African Perspective

  • Joint venture agreements – how long-term partnerships can help lessen the impact of the current low oil price environment
  • Expansion of exploration in North Africa – why operators should invest in this region instead of East Africa
  • The importance of local content policies, and gaining competitive advantage through enhancing skills

PANEL DISCUSSION: Unlocking North African Potential

  • Differences between operating in North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Opportunities offered in the region – Zaafrane Desert Field, Halk El Menzel offshore bloc
  • Advanced technology used in exploration and production and how it will drive investment in the region
  • Which North African country has the most potential reserves?


Edward Van Kersbergen, CEO, Mazarine Energy, Tunisia

Mohamed Kouider, Production Manager, TOPIC Energy, Tunisia

Tarek Shalaby, Head of Upstream, Edison SpA, Egypt

      11.00 Refreshments & Networking Break

      Offshore Opportunities in Tunisia

      • Should Tunisia be on the energy investors watch-list?
      • Recent developments in the Pelagian Basin
      • Is Shell's $150 million contract ju st the start for Tunisia?
      • The Mahdia offshore bloc

      How to Cut Costs in North African Exploration & Maintain Safe Working Procedures

      12.40 Lunch & Networking

      A focus on exploration and production in West and Central Africa

      An Opening Address from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

      • NNPC's commercial strategy and priorities
      • Outlining policy plans to increase joint venture funding for future contracts
      • How can the Nigerian oil and gas sector remain competitive amongst increasing global competition from other African countries?

      The Oil Economy in West Africa: Producing Oil Through Low-Cost Strategies

      PANEL DISCUSSION: Comparison Between Three Main Oil Producing Countries

      • Case study of Gabon, Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea
      • Gabon's 2014 hydrocarbons code and the impact of the new legislation
      • Nigeria's efforts to combat on-going security threats in order to increase stakeholder collaboration and external funding
      • An update on the EGRonda 2016 deepwater bidding rounds in Equatorial Guinea
      • Why more investors are bringing their money into the region than before

      Moderator: Tosin Yusuff, Country Director, African Energy Association, Nigeria

      The Moho Nord Joint Development Project

      • Republic of Congo's biggest and most progressive development area
      • Combining innovative technologies to get results: Tension Leg Platform and Floating Production Unit
      • What lies ahead for The Congo

      Extending Exploration in the MSGBC Basin

      • Applying knowledge from recent discoveries in the basin
      • What does the conjugate basin reveal
      • Onshore vs. offshore

      Gerry Sheehan, Exploration Director, T5 Oil & Gas, Senegal

      Training Opportunities in Oil & Gas in Nigeria

      • How can the Nigerian Content Act of 2010 be further developed to improve the level of participation in the oil and gas industry?
      • Importance of collaboration between the various industries to improve vital infrastructure – power, security, transportation
      • Maximising investment in Nigerian content development implementation while reducing costs

      17.00 Chairman's Closing Remarks and Close of Conference