Day One | September 28th 

08.30 Registration Opens

09.00 Chairman's Opening Remarks

09.15 Keynote Address: African Oil & Gas Recent Developments

  • Market updates and analysis of industry key players 

  • Recent discoveries 

  • Major challenges the industry is facing

Mary-Jane Mwangi, CEO, NOC Kenya

09.45 Case Study from Sasol E&P

           Dr. Vincent Mashaba, Head of Exploration – Near Field, Sasol E&P

10.15 Panel Discussion: African Ministries of Energy

  • How can Africa remain competitive in a tough global market? 

  • Key challenges and projects in African oil & gas 

  • Regulatory outlook 


            H.E. Norbert Musisi, Deputy Minister of Energy, Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom, Uganda 

            Dr Ketsela Tadesse, Head of Petroleum Licensing, Ministry of Mines, Petroleum &                    Natural Gas, Ethiopia

            H.E. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum,                  Ghana 

            Pascal Velonarivo, Follow-up and Regulation Manager - Petroleum Sector Presidency's                Department In Charge of Mines and Petroleum, Madagascar

11.00 Refreshments & Networking Break

11.30 Panel Discussion: African NOCs

  • The current low oil price environment – effects on NOCs and government collaboration and their relationship 

  • NOC and IOC partnerships – which key areas can benefit from this? 

  • Corporate strategies to maintain a State-NOC relationship 


           Ken Mugambi, Head of Corporate Planning & Strategy, NOC Kenya

           Senior Representative, ENH Mozambique

           Senior Representative, PetroSA

          Charles Sangweni, Acting Director General, PURA Tanzania

12.10 Setting A Premier Trend in Oil & Gas Business in Africa

 Joe Sang, Managing Director, Kenya Pipeline Company

12.40 Lunch & Networking

13.40 Panel Discussion: IOCs 

  • Discussion of major IOCs operating across the continent 

  • The current stability of the oil market and the subsequent effect on exploration and production activities 

  • Joint Venture opportunities – benefits of collaboration and risk sharing while still maintaining corporate independence and stability in an increasingly uncertain environment 


               Dirk Nevelsteen, Vice President, Shell East Africa

               Senior Representative, Total E&P Uganda

               Senior Representative, ENI

14.20 Case Study: Sonangol EP

  • Current exploration & production contracts in Angola 

  • Financing Sonangol's shortfall in fuel imports – how can international investment bodies get involved? 

  • Foreign exchange consortium contracts – oil companies and subcontractors 

  • Working with the Ministry of Petroleum to establish a natural gas regulatory framework 

                Senior Representative, Sonangol EP

14.50 Refreshments & Networking Break

15.20 Local Content Development 

  • Case studies of local content initiatives across Africa 

  • Potential benefits of effective local content policies if they are implemented correctly 

  • How the values of petroleum exploration and production can be translated into economic and social benefits for indigenous workers and supply industries – is the industry doing enough? 

                  Senior Representative, ENH Mozambique

15.50 Investment Requirements Across Africa

  • What are the infrastructure funding gaps in the industry? 

  • Opportunities for investors in the current economic downturn 

  • Which countries are actively seeking investment from international investment bodies?

                  Osam Iyahen, Senior Vice President - Director & Head, Natural Resources, Africa                        Finance Corporation

16.20 An Overview of Existing Oil & Gas Regulations in Nigeria

  • General information on Nigeria's oil and gas industry
  • The role of the DPR as Nigeria's oil and gas industry regulator
  • The future of oil and gas industry regulation in Nigeria

                  Engr. Stanley Ngene, Chief Chemical Engineer, Department of Petroleum                                  Resources, Nigeria

16.50 Angola: Taking The Lead in Sub-Saharan Exploration & Production

  • Foreign investment and government ventures aimed at strengthening the industry deficit 

  • Dominating the African upstream sector – what happens when midstream and downstream sectors have no prominence? 

  • Ultra deepwater and offshore oilfield projects being pursued in the country – Kaombo project 

  • Angola ranked as leading oil producer in Africa in 2016 surpassing Nigeria – what next? 

                 Senior Representative, Cabinda Gulf Oil Company

17.30 Chairman's Closing Remarks and Networking Evening