East Africa: Gas and Oil Key in East African Integration

Gas-rich Tanzania hosts a two-day congress aimed at bringing together policymakers and experts in the oil and gas industry. But the country needs to pick its strategic partners carefully, says analyst Anaclet Rwegayura.

For ages, Tanzania's rich underground wealth was unknown. That has kept it safe for the present generation, which needs it to eradicate poverty.

Many prospectors and investors have crisscrossed the country after the government opened the door to mineral extractors, and it seems that many thought the country's wealth was up for grabs.

Did it ever come to their minds that Tanzania was hoping to capitalize on its resource endowments in order to kick-start its industrialization?

Given the country's healthy economic turnaround with a roughly seven percent annual growth rate, the Tanzanian government is keen to see productive investments taking place. Extractive investors who cannot enable the country to create wealth and free the local society from the shackles of poverty, are not welcome.

Join us at the Africa Oil & Gas Summit this month in Cape Town to hear more about important industry news from across the continent. We will also have a South African Corner where you can hear from key figures.